shattl.gif - 30.4 K
by Alfred Giovetti
Genre: Mech real-time first person perspective warfare simulator
Developer: Biotech Corporation and Pyrotec Game Studios
Publisher: Interplay
Phone: 800-468-3775
requirements: IBM CD, PC 486-66 CPU or faster, 8 MB RAM (16 recommended for 16-bit sound) w/560kb free base memory, approximately 20MB hard drive space, double-speed CD-ROM, SVGA graphics, joystick supported.

It's rock-em-sock-em-robot time again. This time the year is 2132 and we are in the deep space colonization and exploration phase of our development as a species. Out there beyond tomorrow, well maybe not that far, exist a race for the resources needed to support life, between a well trained and equipped group of anarchists, hereafter known as pirates, and those devoted to law and conformity.

Needless to say these two groups decide to settle their difficulties in a civilized manner. They both obtain 25 to 100 ton robots and attempt to beat the opposition into submission. Into the middle of this peaceful combat which pits brother against brother, an alien intelligence is discovered, who has as his goal the total eradication of the human species. The plot begins to become familiar, but we always will head the call to save the universe, especially if it promises to have a lot of blowing things up for us to pursue. shatterb.jpg - 15.7 K

Interplay will provide 70 non-linear missions, animated plots with cut scenes in the campaign game, 30 state-of-the-art weapons, 50 intelligent alien enemies, including some we have never seen before, such as assault helicopters. All this will occur in incredibly realistic voxel graphics with explosive redbook original soundtracks and sound effects.

Not only will the game play in campaign and fast action modes, but multi-player action is also supported. Shattered steel will play over null and phone modem and a 16-player network with head-to-head and cooperative play. The playability will be extended with a scenario builder that will fully customize game scenerios.
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