rivlogo.gif - 5.0 K
By Al Giovetti
Genre: third person perspective, 3D live action video fantasy action adventure (Doom clone with RPG elements?)
Release: September 1996
Developer: Digital Fusion
Producer: Pepe Moreno
Publisher: Virgin
Website: www.vie.com/low/games/river.html
Requirements: Windows 95 and Macintosh 2X CD ROM drive rivjp1.jpg - 5.3 K

History: Pepe Moreno produced Hell Cab.

Plot: You, in the persona of protagonist, Prince Glorian, must retrieve the five widely dispersed shards of a magic crystal from the nooks and crannies of a three dimensional 12th century medieval fantasy world complete with villages and dungeons. The crystal hold the balance in the struggle between good and evil. rivjp2.jpg - 4.8 K

Graphics: Supported by yet another new three dimensional conversion engine that creates and displays graphics and live action video. Explore forest worlds, magical villages, and dank dungeons portrayed in photo-realistic style.

Character Interaction: The conversion engine is expected to make dialogue different and "intriguing."