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Preview by Al Giovetti
Genre: real-time strategy
Release: Spring 1997
Publisher: LucasArts Entertainment Company
Phone: 415-472-3400
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History: First there was Command & Conquer and then there was Warcraft I and II, and they succeeded greatly. Other companies saw that the games were good and so they imitated them. And where there once was two great real-time strategy games, now there was a dearth of those games. Yea, verily!

Plot: Galactic expansion and domination is the order of the day.

Game play: Various strategic and tactical challenges. Take up the banner of the Empire or the Rebellion. As the Empire, you must capture Luke Skywalker, Mon Mothma or destroy Rebel headquarters. While on the side of the Rebel Alliance, you must capture Darth Vader, The Emperor, or destroy the Imperial Seat at Coruscant.

Different sides have different advantages and disadvantages. Only those who use their troops in the proper way maximizing their advantages and minimizing their disadvantages will reign triumphant over the legions of their enemies.


Artificial intelligence (AI):

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Multi-player: Single-player or head-to head mode

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