PowerSlave.gif - 28.9 K
By Al Giovetti
Genre: Doom like shooter
Release: November 1996
Developer: Lobotomy Software Incorporated
Publisher: Playmates Interactive Software
Phone: 714-562-1743
Website: www.playmatestoys.com/piehome.htm
Requirements: DOS or Windows 95

First person perspective Doom like shooter game with high resolution 3D graphics. Bridges are unique in that you can walk, over, under, and next to the bridge.

Plot: The ancient Egyptian city of Karnak has been seized by unknown powers and great turmoil is spreading into neighboring lands, posing a concerning threat to planet Earth. Militant forces from all parts of the globe have entered Karnak Valley, but none have returned. The only known information regarding this crisis came from a dying Karnak villager who managed to wander out of the valley to safety: "They've stolen the great King's Mummy..." murmured the dying villager..."in an attempt to revive him..." But the villager died before he could say more. enterme.gif - 21.6 K

With no other options, world leaders have chosen to drop you into the valley via helicopter in an attempt to find and destroy the threatening forces and resolve the mystery that has engulfed the once peaceful land. Flying at what is assumed to be a high enough altitude to avoid being shot down like others before you, your copter mysteriously explodes in the air as you barely escape with no possible contact with the outside world. Scared as hell, you descend into the heart of Karnak... home to the celebrated burial crypt of the great King Ramsses.

You immediately discover that the spirit of King Ramsses dwells in a tomb that has been robbed of all treasure by the powers in question. The King informs you that the outcome of contemporary civilization lies within his stolen mummified body and that the corpse must be returned to its rightful resting place. The King will always give you guidance to help you discover the mystery of the valley and recover his sacred mummified entity.

Combat: is up close and personal with ancient weapons, such as swords, spears, and others.

Graphics: Detailed and fully animated sprite characters derived from Egyptian mythology and original alien creations. Support for SVGA modes on Pentium class machines.

Puzzles: Push block puzzles and projectile traps to ensnare the player. indeep.gif - 28.9 K

Interface: True 3D environment lets you look up, look down, jump, squat and swim allows greater player mobility and environment interaction.

Automap system: Overlaid rotating level map.

Multiplayer: Network support for up to eight players and modem support.