PerilLogo1.gif - 11.5 K
Genre: graphic animated adventure
Release: October 1996
Publisher: Wanderlust Interactive
Phone: 212-966-8887
Requirements: Windows 95 or 3.1, 486 SX, 66 MHz, 256-color VGA (640x480), 8 MB RAM, 2X CD ROM drive, sound card, mouse, 10 MB hard disk space
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Plot: The pink is called upon to travel the world and solve a mystery involving history, art, religion, food, clothing and cultures. Solving the mystery will make a group of children safe and insure world peace. The plot resembles the immensely successful Broderbund Carmen Sandiego series. The Pink one visits Bhutan, India, Chinese Farm, Bejing, Ganges River, and Sonehenge to name a few. aard.gif - 6.5 K

Graphics: The surroundings are illustrated in typical Pink Panter two dimensional (2D) animation and backgrounds