Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh
By Al Giovetti, 09/22/96
Genre: graphic adventure (horror)
Developer: Sierra Online
Designer: Lorelei Shannon
Publisher: Sierra Online

History: Sierra published the first Phantasmagoria with Roberta Williams scripting the game and responsible for the design. The game did not chill people deep enough, even though it was quite a stretch for the conservative Sierra. Seven CDs left most people flipping their CDs like in the old days to see the full motion video game. With an almost impossible sequence of timed moves at the end of the first Phantasmagoria that left most people colder than the chills, Sierra will try again with Phantasmagoria II: A Puzzle of Flesh (PG2).

Company line: If the first Phantasmagoria scared you, then the new one's going to kick your butt from here to freakish terror and back again. More of everything that made the original Phantasmagoria our most popular game ever, and that means you'd better stock up on lightbulbs and Jolt Cola, `cause you're not going to be sleeping well for a month. Hey, you're the nightmare junkie, or you wouldn't have asked for a sequel! So deal with it.

Plot: We start with a boringly normal guy with everything, cute girl, good job, reliable, and quiet confidence named Curtis Craig. Underneath the surface is a lurking psycho. Reality dims, photos bleed, rats speak, computers get vicious, and finally an inhuman entity, named Hecatomb, visits Curtis. Hecatomb digs up terrible childhood memories and fears.

Curtis’ friends start dying. Curtis even starts uncovering the sinister parts of his normal looking employer, WynTech. Within the corridors of the lower level lies a teleporter to another world. The rest of the game is one of discovery and loss.



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