By Al Giovetti
Release:March 1997
Developer: Gray Matter
Lead Artist:
Publisher: American Softworks
Website: http://www.ascgames.com/pweapon/
Requirements:120MHz Pentium, 8Mb RAM, 4X CD ROM

Perfect Weapon


Tomb Raider is probably the most innovative and original game of 1996. Tomb Raider expanded the horizons of computer gaming another step. This was the game that convinced even computer game reviewers that "you ain't seen nothing yet!" Perfect Weapon looks a lot like Tomb Raider.

Company Line

You are Blake Hunter. Earth Defense Force's top agent and World Champion Martial Artist. You find yourself transported to a mysterious and hostile world. You must fight and explore five deadly worlds to uncover the conspiracy that has selected you. Are you the Perfect Weapon?

Game Play

When you fight with the computer controled characters they have artificial intelligence that learns your moves and counters them. Gray Matter calls this feature Behavioral Artificial Intelligence ("BAI"), and claim this is exclusive to Perfect Weapon.


You take the part of Blake Hunter a martial artist and top agent of the Earth, who is transported into. Blake must fight across 1300 locations on five different worlds to uncover a conspiracy and save the Earth. Where Laura Croft used many weapons from shotguns, pistols, machine guns and others to kill her adversaries, Blake must use his knowledge of martial arts to fight his way though his enemies. The game engine resembles that of many fighting games with an action adventure interface grafted on it.


In-depth backgrounds and computer-generated, full motion video sequences. SGI ray-traced graphics highlight beautiful details and shadows of the mysterious environments portrayed in the game.


Voice Actors

Music Score

Cinematic stereo music surrounds you as you battle merciless aliens.

Sound Effects


A transparent, full-screen overlay automap manages navigation and inventory. Three different levels of game difficulty should increase accessability some.

Multi-player Features

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough


Glenn points out that, "this mix of adventure and fighting has yet to congeal into a satisfying final product; perhaps PW will be able to set the precedent."


Glenn Broderick, Computer & Net Player, volume 3, number 10, March, 1997, pg. 40.

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