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People's General


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Mindscape Entertainment Releases SSI's People's General Panzer General II Sequel Focuses on Superpower Conflict in the 21st Century

On September 14, 1998, Mindscape Entertainment today announced the availability of People's General, sequel to the best-selling Panzer General II. People's General focuses on futuristic conflict between the Western Allies and the People's Republic of China in the year 2005. "People's General sets its sights on geopolitical realities in the new millenium," says Mindscape President John Moore. "It's a timely addition to the The Living Battlefield series."

People's General opens with a US declaration of war against China after a dispute in the territorial waters off the coast of Taiwan leads to the death of over 1300 US servicemen and the destruction of the aircraft carrier USS Lincoln. As gameplay progresses, the conflict extends to include large areas of the Korean Peninsula, Southeast Asia, and Russia and military forces from around the world.

New and Upgraded Features

Based on the critically acclaimed Panzer General II engine, People's General sports many new or improved features tailored specifically for modern warfare:

  1. New, next-generation units and cutting edge weaponry currently under construction by the US military such as the M1A3, T-99, and Challenger III Main Battle Tanks; Starstreak Surface-to-Air missiles, Crusader Self-Propelled artillery, Trackwolf Recon units, and super-enhanced Comanche and Werewolf Attack helicopters
  2. Enhanced Spotting System with "hide and seek" elements more accurately reflects the role of reconnaissance in modern warfare
  3. New Air Mission System models the dominance of air power in modern warfare
  4. Improved Task Force System provides greater flexibility in modern unit design
  5. Sleek interface redesign promotes faster gameplay and reflects modern setting
  6. New hand-rendered game maps in 16 bit color

People's General provides outstanding replay value with its 9 new campaigns and 34 new single player scenarios playable from either the Chinese or Western sides, plus 20 additional scenarios designed specifically for multiplayer gaming. The Battle Builder feature allows gamers to design their own scenarios. Finally, random events affect the course of each campaign every time you play. People's General also includes multiplayer support for up to 4 players via LAN, Internet, and the ever popular PBEM.

People's General on MPlayer

People's General will be part of the new ClubSSI on which currently includes Steel Panthers III and Panzer General II. For more information on Club SSI and the People's General launch on MPlayer, please visit strategy/games/peoplesgeneral.

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