By Al Giovetti, 04/27/97
Genre:war strategy
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Strategic Simulaitons Incorporated
Website: www.ssionline.com
Requirements:Windows 95, Pentium, 90 MHz, 100% Windows compatible sound card, 16 MB RAM , 2X CD-ROM drive (4X or faster drive recommended), 1MB SVGA video card, Color SVGA monitor, Keyboard, 100% Windows compatible mouse

Pacific General


The Panzer General series has died and gone to heaven. There have been a whole series of games based upon the engine which seems to be modified for each new challenge. So popular has the series been that SSI is now planning Panzer General II, a photo-realistic counterpart to the original game.

Company Line

SSI presents the final edition of the award-winning and extremely popular 5 Star Series. With 2 full-length campaigns, a Scenario Editor, and a Battle Generator, this game will keep you busy for months to come.

Game Play

Full Japanese and Allied Campaigns will allow you to play from both sides in the war. The 5 Star Series engine is enhanced for naval combat and island-hopping land battles, so you will be fighting from island to island in the Pacific. Victory conditions are based on capturing enemy hexes, losses to your own forces, and enemy casualties. The naval battle conditions have been changed to reflect conditions in the Pacific War. Additional enhancements not seen in previous 5 Star Series titles include high score system and a unit glossary. Night scenarios reflect the Japanese penchant for surprise nocturnal attacks.

Scripted battles include historical battles such as the battle for Manchuria in 1930, the loss of Singapore, the Coral Sea, Midway, and others. The "what if" battle scenarios include the capture of Hawaii, conquest of India, attack on Madagascar, invasion of Japan.




Voice Actors

Music Score

3D sound track utilizes Qsound technology.

Sound Effects


Battle Generator allows you to create your own scenarios, incorporating maps and units from Allied General and Panzer General, as well as those in Pacific General. The battle editor gives the game the most play value for the buck allowing you to create your own battles.

Multi-player Features

Head to Head Play via modem or network, and PBEM support.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough



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