Of Light and Darkness, 09/22/96
Preview by Al Giovetti
Release: First Quarter 1997
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Interplay
Graphics: Heartland Enterprises
Artist: Gil Bruvel
Publisher: Interplay
Phone: 800-468-3775
Website: http://www.interplay.com
requirements: Windows 95

The Brian Fargo connection: Brian Fargo the founder and motivating influence behind Interplay reportedly collects Buvelís work and prevailed upon him to provide art for an upcoming game. Bruvel had already been working in three dimensional art on Silicon Graphics machines and this was a logical next step.

Plot: A painting comes to life in an exhibition of the work of a mysterious French Artist held in a Beverly Hills mansion. (Everyone is mysterious - why canít these characters be extraordinarily nondescript and obvious to the point of pain - Ed.) Anyway the picture grabs two children, Serin and Mike, who are brother and sister into the portal of the painting to the simultaneous shock and surprise of all the other art lovers.

Graphics: A new proprietary graphics engine created by Heartland Enterprises called the EDEN engine produces EDEN graphics. EDEN is a structure where objects are examined, manipulated, used, and picked up in fully rendered three dimensional shadow and multiple light source enabled graphics. Several of the pictures shown here are static and do not give us any idea of how the engine will work.

French surrealist Gill Bruvel created the art which will be used by the EDEN engine to create the world. Gil Bruvelís work is characterized by rusty matalic patena with purple and blue skies. Light and darkness play an interesting role in Gill Bruvelís work, they accentuates and reveal the mists and particulate matter in air providing depth and a feeling of cold wet air. This imagery could be a boon to a properly constructed computer game.

Sixty locations which help you go through puzzles and rescue your trapped sister.

Animation: Actors will be filmed in full motion video and put into the EDEN created sets without blue screen technology.

Voice actors:

Music score:

Sound effects:


Multi-player: This is a single player game.

Future plans:

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Of Light and Darkness - the prophecy review by Al Giovetti
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