By Al Giovetti
Developer: Beam Software
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Interplay
Website: www.interplay.com

Norse by Norsewest


Three years ago, The Lost Vikings was released to a cult following. The game was about a group of lost vikings. A Sega Saturn title named Three Dirty Dwarfs was the first release of the sequel to Lost Vikings.

Company Line

Erik the Swift, Baleog the Fierce and Olaf the Stout have escaped from the evil alien, Tomator, and have been unleashed in time once again - but not before they were able to snatch some of his powerful new tech-toys. Equipped with their new weapons - rocket boots, light saber, and power shield - they will search throughout many different worlds before they eventually find the time machine to take them back home. Along the way, they meet two new allies, Fang - a werewolf and Scorch - a fire breathing dragon. With the help of this duo, the brothers will fight off an entirely new cast of enemies, find hidden items and use teamwork to tackle the varying terrain of strange new worlds.

Will the Vikings find their way home across time and space? Will Erik lead his brothers to safety without bonking himself back into thinking he's an iguana? Will Olaf be reunited with his wife and daughters? Will Baleog ever get a date with Freya, that Valkyrie babe on the "Resume Game" screen? Stay tuned...

Game Play

The game has thirty-one levels of gameplay. You complete the levels by killing the monsters and solving physical puzzles. Puzzles involve floor plate switches and other devices that are used to open doors. Many puzzles require that two of the vikings do something so that the door will open for the third Viking.

This time around there are two new comical and family oriented characters, Fang and Scorch.



The graphics resolution is 640 x 480 pixels. The graphics are stunning with beautiful colors and splashy graphics and some of the nicest lighting effects.


The frame rate is very high with smooth graphics on the lower configuration Pentium machines.

Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects


Multi-player Features

The game accomodates two players.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough



Glenn Broderick, Computer & Net Player, volume 3, number 10, March, 1997, pg. 40. Interplay's Norse by Norsewest Web Site

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