NBA Jam Extreme
Preview by Al Giovetti, 02/11/97
Platform: Windows 95
Price: $40
Genre: sports simulation
Release: February, 7, 1997
Publisher: Acclaim
Web site:

Company line: "NBA Jam continues as an incredibly popular franchise and continues to build on its momentum with this PC release of NBA Jam Extreme," said Bob Picunko, Acclaim sports marketing director. "Upgrading the look and feel using Acclaim's 3-D engine brings 'jam' to the next level, and the multiplayer option has strong appeal for the PC market."

History: Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.(NASDAQ:AKLM), a leading worldwide interactive entertainment company, now brings to the PC gaming world NBA Jam Extreme(tm), the highly praised game that made its debut as an arcade hit.

Plot: Competition may be in exhibition or round-robin mode, where one must defeat the other 28 NBA teams to reach the Extreme Championship. NBA Jam Extreme has more than 50 hidden players, secret teams and special features such as "smokin' sneakers" and "big heads." Special "unstoppable" mode for ultra-extreme action.

Game play: Each star has 13 attribute rating skills, based on authentic NBA stats, such as power, blocking, rebounding and passing.

Graphics: The most recent in Acclaim's NBA Jam line-up, the top basketball franchise in video game history, NBA Jam Extreme features a new Acclaim 3-D polygonal engine to deliver incredibly lifelike player movement, immersive graphics and-just like the NBA-fast and physical gameplay. The multiplayer capabilities of the PC version allow up to four gamers to tip-off simultaneously.

Views: TV style camera angles increases situational awareness with exciting points of view.

Statistics: Player skills based on actual NBA statistics which are include all NBA teams, rookie teams, and home courts.

Animation: Stunning 3-D graphics and ultra-realistic player movement due to motion-capture technology featuring Washington Bullets.

Voice actors: Commentary by Marv Albert

Music score:

Sound effects:

Utilities: Instant replay of great jams


Multi-player: Features Add to Action, Excitement, Fun More than 170 NBA superstars take it to the hoop with NBA Jam Extreme's 2-on-2 action. Up to four players compete simultaneously, each selecting two players from among six stars from each NBA team. Future plans:

Journalists: Previewed in the February issue of ComputerLife as a "high-flying, slam-dunking, 2-on-2 arcade legend" with "a wealth of new features," NBA Jam Extreme takes this popular sports game to unprecedented levels of excitement and realism. By recording the moves of NBA All-Star Juwan Howard, Washington Bullets forward, in its state-of-the-art motion capture studios, Acclaim delivers the real-life on-court action of the NBA. In addition, Marv Albert of NBC Sports provides the audio color commentary, with more than 2000 sayings that keep the game fresh and entertaining play after play.

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