Microsoft Intellimouse
Preview by Al Giovetti, 12/20/96
Price: $84.99
Genre: wheel mouse
Release: now
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Phone: 800-426-9490

The newest thing in mice and trackballs is the internet adaptable wheel control device, whether it be mouse or trackball. The wheel scrolls Windows especially those of Windows 95 and Windows 97 and even more specially Microsoft products. We find wheel devices especially useful on the web when hitting the page down key could result in scrolling the page or moving to a past website by activating the down arrow on the web browser URL box.

The mouse will also shrink and enlarge documents when in the correct mode. The wheel basically is an additional device on the world’s most popular and useful mouse, the Microsoft mouse and we suspect that Windows 97 will have a section designed especially to exploit the potential of the wheel. So decide, are you a mouse or a man.

Reviewer: AS made us laugh with his analysis that basically said that if the wheel is only useful for the internet and does not work in Quake than what is the wheel good for. A true gamer should never be separated from his view of reality. Bravo AS, whoever you are.

AS, Boot, volume 1, number 5, January, 1997, pg. 104, (50%).
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