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By Al Giovetti
Developer: Chronic Entertainment
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Publisher: The Design League

Men in Black


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( BW)(MEN-IN-BLACK) "Men in Black" sighted at E3; New CD-ROM game previewed for first time in hopes of saving mankind

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 19, 1997--The reputed "Men in Black" have surfaced off the movie screen and onto CD-ROM, witnesses reported today from the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) trade show.

These witnesses, who asked to be unnamed for security reasons, are believed to be the very first people in the entire universe to have sighted what is being called the "very cool new `Men in Black' CD-ROM computer game."

One excited witness said she saw Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Linda Fiorentino, stars of the soon-to-be-released movie, in the CD-ROM. Further investigation concluded these were actually stunning real-life 3D animations created by the game's developer, LA-based Chronic Entertainment.

Chronic Entertainment is also understood to have used their "top secret game engine" to cultivate an action-packed, out-of-this-world mission for those daring enough to play the CD-ROM game. Inside sources at Chronic Entertainment tell us the company's research has unveiled a "trade war" of earthlings in exchange for new technology from aliens. Leaks tell us avid gamers are the only hope to save humans from the ill fate brought by these aliens. How they complete this mission is still being analyzed by gaming resources throughout the Milky Way and beyond. The only hope is that these gamers have unearthly quick reflexes and darned good street smarts to play the game and complete the mission.

"We knew we couldn't forever hide the reality of the `Men in Black' and our mission to eliminate the aliens taking part in this nasty trade war," said David Koenig, game producer and CEO of Chronic Entertainment. "Given the severity of the situation, we decided to come to the E3 event in search of gamers to join our mission. We must caution, however, that we have no time or tolerance for those who do not truly wish to help us protect mankind from these gnarly beasts of the universe."

"Men in Black" will begin recruiting gamers across the country later this year, using CD-ROM retail outlets as headquarters for title distribution. The game, complete with mission briefs and words of wisdom, is being published by the outlandish crew known as The Design League. Based in Los Angeles, The Design League is a wild band of gamers, artists and computer enthusiasts who have the skills and talent to bring high-quality CD-ROM titles to the market. "Men in Black" is their first real mission, and doesn't it figure, all humanity is counting on its success. CONTACT: Ahearn Ink Kirstin Ahearn, 860-673-6875

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