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By Al Giovetti
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Max Payne


Gathering of Developers, a developer-driven computer and video game publishing company, is looking to inflict some Payne on the 3D action market. The Gathering today announced the publishing and distribution of 3D Realms' Max Payne. This hard-core 3D action shooter with a gritty, unfolding storyline will burst onto the PC market in Spring 1999. The game is being co-developed by 3D Realms and Remedy. 3D Realms, best known for its blockbuster Duke Nukem series, is a founding partner of The Gathering. The Gathering will showcase video clips from Max Payne in the company's booth (#1453 in the East Hall) at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Atlanta on May 28-30.

3D Realms Entertainment, a division of the long-standing Apogee Software, Ltd., founded in 1987 and headquartered in Garland, TX, is 100 percent focused on creating highly innovative real-time 3D action games. Apogee is the pioneer of multi-episode shareware marketing for games and has won numerous industry marketing and game awards. Apogee, most noted for creating Duke Nukem, one of the industry's best known game characters, is privately owned and managed by partners, Scott Miller and George Broussard. Sales of 3D Realms' blockbuster hit Duke Nukem series has exceeded 1.3 million units worldwide, and their upcoming releases Prey and Max Payne are eagerly anticipated by both consumers and retailers.

Founded in Dallas, TX in December 1997, Gathering of Developers is a developer-driven computer and video game publishing company. The company's mission is to be the worldwide leader in the development and delivery of commercially successful computer game software designed for a range of platforms. The company's pioneering partners are industry leaders and proven hit makers 3D Realms, Epic Games, PopTop Software, Ritual Entertainment, Terminal Reality Inc and Edge of Reality. For more information visit Gathering of Developers Web site at

Company Line

"3D Realms is notorious for delivering hyper-violent shooting games," said Mike Wilson, CEO of Gathering of Developers. "Max Payne is brimming with attitude and split-second action and will immerse gamers as they explore the seamy underbelly of New York City."

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"Max Payne represents a new direction for 3D action shooters by not only showcasing next-generation technology, but more importantly, by featuring meaningful characters, unpredictable plot twists, and a realistic story and setting. These features are unique in a genre full of sci-fi and fantasy scenarios," said Scott Miller, head of 3D Realms. "Max Payne will be an intensely interesting character that will kick-off another strong franchise for us, much like Duke Nukem has done."

Max Payne, a hardboiled, fugitive undercover cop is being framed for the murder of his boss. A mission to revenge his slaughtered family is taking him on a bridge-burning, rock n' rolling rampage through the criminal underworld of New York City. Max Payne, a lone hero, goes up against a horde of stone-cold murdering mobsters, drug-enhanced killers, bad cops, professional assassins, corrupt politicians, and other diabolical masterminds lurking in the city's heart of darkness in this intense 3D action shooter.



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