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Preview by Al Giovetti
Genre: strategy
Release: October 96
Publisher: Stardock Systems
Requirements: OS/2 and Windows 95

Hype: "For those of you who've long been looking for a game of the same genre as Empire Deluxe and Warlords but want it to bring the importance of natural resources and have great graphics, MASTER of the EMPIRE is for you!"

Plot: "This planet needs a new source of wisdom. It needs a ruler that understands what the people need. It needs a ruler that can effectively manage its nation without the unwanted and of course unneeded hassles of a 'senate' or other political body." Deploy your forces, capture natural resources, keep the wartime economy running, and you will conquer the world, kingdom by kingdom.

Interface: Typical third-person, top-down, map perspective dominates the left side of the screen. The small right side is divided into two square panels for the commands and text based readout of situations and statistics. Control land, sea and air with your armed forces.

Graphics: 24-bit color

Multiplayer: ?

Scott Udel, Computer Games Strategy Plus, issue 70, September, 1996, pg. 23.