The Led Wars article by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Genre: real time strategy
Developer: Larian Studios,
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Ionos
Windows 95

The Led Wars


The Dune 2 clones are coming again. Real-time strategy games have taken over the world. But in order to succeed in this genre against the industry champions Command and Conquer and the WarCraft series, you need to be different. The Led Wars tries to be different by being difficult for the enthusiast in multiplayer and single player real-time strategy.

Mario Vassaux has developed a unique concept where he will split the profits from the Publishing of a game with the Developer in a 50/50 fashion. This new concept has attracted Larian Studios and some others to come under his ionos banner. More can be found in Mario's statements on the ionos web site.

Company Line

A Real-Time Strategy Game For Hard-Core Real-Time Strategy Game Enthusiasts From Larian Studios in Belgium, where even their newborn babies beat other real-time strategy games! This ain't your father's real-time strategy game, and it ain't for beginners. FOR PROS ONLY!!

The Led Wars is a no nonsense DirectX 3 Win95 SVGA real time strategy game developed by Larian Studios.

In a time where this type of game procreates itself faster than the rabbits of Fibonacci, the Led Wars distinguishes itself by its focus on pure and raw gameplay. This is a game which was created by real time strategy addicts for real time strategy addicts, and it shows.

The team at Larian Studios has putten considerable effort in creating a dynamic and addictive game, improving wherever possible things which have become a standard in real time strategy games. Add to that a whole new set of original and fun features, and you have one hell of a game.

Set in 2018, the Led Wars tells the story of a world dominated by mighty multinationals who each have their own private army. You, the player, are the commander of such an army and you have been given a very simple task by your CEO: Eliminate the enemy, plunder the conquered territory, and above all, make sure the company makes a profit.

Game Play

Battles rage across land, sea, and air. Air and sea landings play a significant role with typical C&C like units and buildings. The game designers have paid special care to making units that have special advantages and disadvantages over other types of units.

A special world war feature dumps the units and enemy proliferation into overdrive and pits the multiplayer and single player against hundreds of enemy units early on. Your opposition is given infinite resources and their production times are increased. The result is a free-for-all mayhem that generates confusion designed to confuse and disorder the greatest strategic minds.

Bridges can be destroyed by sabateurs and repaired by engineers. Bridge attacks usually result in larger casualties for the attacker than the defender which makes them good points of defense. Bridges play a greater strategic role in the game than previous C&C clones.

Resource management is something special in the Led Wars. There are four main types of resources: Led, Seeds, Oil and Power. Each of these have their own means of production. One of the strong points of the Led Wars is that you needn't bother about resource management once you've set it up, due to the solid computer AI which takes care of the micromanagement duties. The designers have attempted to design the resource management part of the Led Wars in such a way that it never bores you. Still, succesful resource management remains important, as it is a key factor in any victory.


Multinational corporations vie for world domination with their private armies. You command one of the armies and champion the cause of your corporation to dominate the world. Win and you will get all the glory. Lose and you will earn your reward.



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Scott Udell, Computer Games, issue 78, May, 1997, pg. 41.

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