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Lands of Lore III


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The magic of Gladstone has always attracted visitors. Over the centuries, Dracoids, Thomgogs, Elves, Humans and countless other peoples have found their way to the mystical kingdom on the banks of Lake Dread. All have taken advantage of the Gladstonian atmosphere, in which the flux of magic flows more smoothly than any other mortal place ever known. Even the Ancient gods, long ago on holiday from their omnipotent chores, chose the Gladstone region as their favored retreat.

Bad men as well as good have been attracted, and their conflicts provide much of the drama in Gladstone's history. The struggles between Wizards and Sorcerers, the perpetual clash between the Dark Army and the soldiers of Gladstone, and the constant pushing and shoving of outside forces have made Gladstone a battlefield for the great debate between good and evil.

When we were first privileged to get a glimpse of Gladstone, valiant King Richard had been poisoned by his arch rival Scotia, sorceress of the Dark Army. Out next view allowed us to watch as the reasons and meaning of mortal existence were argued on a cosmic scale. In the near future we will witness the departure of the gods and listen as the succession to the throne of Gladstone is argued.

But watching and listening are inaccurate terms. There are no tourists in Gladstone. No voyeurs may ever peek, and no outsiders ever venture inside. Only by becoming a Gladstonian and taking up the burden of one of the grand quests can one see inside the magical world of Gladstone.

Westwood Studies is proud to announce the fall release of Lands of Lore III (TM), the third installment in the highly successful role-playing game series.

Through Lore III's six distinct worlds with settings that include everything from urban sprawl to frozen wastes to post-apocalyptic villages, game designers and artists are striving to create a completely immersive fantasy world.

"The key to creating a truly immersive experience is in the details," said Westwood executive vice-president Louis Castle. "Cities can't be deserted. They need to be populated with characters that feel real. Animals can't always try to eat you and real people don't spend their days hacking and slashing through dank dungeons for no apparent reason. We're looking toward strong narrative and compelling human motivations to really draw you into the Lands of Lore world."

The Lore III game engine has been built from the ground up for 3D acceleration and will help create that feeling of realism with advanced lighting effects, textures and animation. Using the advanced voxel technology Westwood has developed over the past 3 years, characters and creatures will be amazingly life-like and fully 3D.

And while new technology will make the best-looking Lore yet, Westwood designers are also borrowing a bit from role playing's past.

"One of the things players love about role playing games is the ability to customize their character," Castle said. "To keep this choice consistent and seamless within the game world, we're introducing guilds to the Lands of Lore universe. Players can choose to join any or all of the four guilds and better focus their character's development."

The game puts you into the role of a man who suddenly has to deal with being heir to the throne and losing his soul all in the same day.

Your quest is to regain your soul, banish the creatures who stole it and restore peace to the kingdom. To do this you must travel from the world of Gladstone through portals to five different worlds, each one with its own challenges and surprises.

"I think story is one of the most important parts of any game," Castle said. "A good story provides the context for everything a player does. Great gameplay and excellent graphics pull a player in, but a good reason for killing that last monster or solving that difficult puzzle makes an emotional experience out of a basic task. In Lands of Lore III, we are focusing on story to bind the game play and visuals together and provide meaning for what you do."

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