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Jagged Alliance 2: Jam-packed with New Mercs

June 19, 1998 Ottawa, Canada Sirtech announced the biographies of three new mercenaries who will make their debut this fall. They're just three of the more than fifty mercs players can hire in this sequel to the award-winning role-playing strategy game, Jagged Alliance.

Carl "Reaper" Sheppards - Otherwise known as The Assassin. If you come face-to-face with Carl Sheppards, chances are you're on your last breath. The Reaper takes pride in his patience. He strides silently and uses his stealth skills to gain easy access to his victims. Carl also gets a kick out of looking them in the eye just before they die. Sample Quote: "I laugh at the face of death."

Norma "Meltdown" Jessop - Don't mess with Meltdown. She may be smiling in her file photo, but that smile is certainly deceptive. This mercenary is legendary; an enemy once died at her feet from fear before Meltdown had even raised her weapon. As for her taste in weapons, the bigger, the better. In fact, Meltdown has a tendency for overkill in virtually every aspect of her life. Sample Quote: "Goddamn! They're all dead! I'll have to deal with the disappointment."

Frankie "Haywire" Gordon - Killing is Frankie Gordon's specialty. He's not particular about how he kills, just as long as he has fun doing it. Haywire may not be considered a marksman, but he does exhibit a certain fascination for automatic weapons and seems to handle them with ease. The same could be said for his talents with sharp knives. Sample Quote: "Y'ever read about Vlad the Impaler, man? Awesome dude with the spikes? He's my hero."

The Jagged Alliance series is well known for its unique mercenaries with diverse personalities. Jagged Alliance 2 puts you in command of a team of highly-skilled mercenaries as you struggle to free a small country from the rule of a ruthless dictator. A mix of strategy, role-playing, and gun-blazing tactics, the game features non-linear gameplay, more than 300 maps and 150 characters with over 10,000 lines of digitized speech performed by more than 50 actors. Jagged Alliance 2 is slated to hit store shelves in October, 1998.

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  1. From: Daddy Cool What can you tell me about Jagged Alliance 2? Has it been finished yet coz I was told it was ready to come out here in oz next week. I saw on some sites that it was ment to be out in the states in october last year. Was that true or was it set back,. if so can you tell me when the release date will be k thanx a lot. BYE
    ans:I would love to go to Australia to visit, but I just dont have the money, you lucky guy! Sir-Tech is not out of business, they are working on Jagged Alliance 2 and on Wizardry 8. They have had bad financial reports the last two years so have abandoned all other projects. There is a demo of jagged alliance available at: http://www.sir-tech.com/products/jagali2/JA2Demo.zip. Go to http://www.sir-tech.com/ and see what they are up to. Al
    From: Norman Sirotek Dear Al, Thank you for your e-mail. Louis is not with the company anymore. For that mater, nether is the publishing company Sir-Tech Software, Inc. We closed the firm September 1, 1998. That's the bad news. The good news is the Development Company, Sir-Tech Canada Limited is about to complete Jagged Alliance 2 in about 2 weeks and Wizardry 8 is scheduled for compellation October 99. As for E3, Robert Sirotek and myself will be attending. Best regards, Norman Sirotek
  2. From -Al Giovetti one more question. Norman, I had an email from a reader/viewer who wanted to know when Jagged Alliance would come out in Australia. Best wishes. From: Norman Sirotek Hi Al, We are finishing Bata in about a week or two. I estimate we should be shipping in Australia by Mid April. Norm Sirotek
  3. From: Norman Sirotek I think you mean the Realms series of products developed by Attic. This series came to an end when we (the publishing company) released the third installment. Shadows over Reva. The last time I checked, Attic was not developing any further sequels. Norm --

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