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Iron Throne
by Al Giovetti
Genre: role playing
Release: Late 1997
Developer: BioWare
Publisher: Interplay
Phone: 714-553-6678

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History: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons games set in the Forgotten Realms game setting have enjoyed unparalleled success since their introduction by SSI in Pools of Radiance, the first in a series of 13 so-called "gold box" games. Almost all the gold box games became high profit and high sellers immediately after introduction.

Plot: The time of troubles was a time where the gods were thrown out of paradise to walk the world as mortals. The gods had offended AO who had Helm cast them out. While walking the earth the gods were vulnerable.

Twenty years after the time of troubles, iron is in short supply and weapons makers are at a loss to provide a substitute material. You are appointed to seek out the reasons for the iron shortage. You happen upon the Iron Throne who is responsible for the lack of Iron where you must root out and destroy the evil there.

Game play: Select race, sex, class, and other attributes and roll up your character statistics for strength, agility, piety, intelligence, constitution and luck and you have a classic AD&D 2nd edition rules player character.

Graphics: One of he graphics that Interplay is showing around, show reflections and light that can be colored by stained glass.


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Cindy Yans, Computer Games Strategy Plus, number 76, March, 1997.