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We interviewed Zack Norman, Designer of Interstate 82, who also worked on the original Interstate 76. Zack was very excited about this sequel to the best known product. A copy of our video review, including video footage from the game, is available for $9.99 with $3.00 shipping and handling just email us.

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Alan Gershenfeld, senior vice president of Activision, says, "Interstate '82 takes the key elements of its predecessor's success--intense combat, fast cars, and a strong story line with a sense of humor--and ups the ante with a rock-solid new engine, first-person shoot-'em-up elements, and complex level designs."

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Interstate '82 takes place six years after the original story line, duh! The game setting is anan alternate universe based in and around Las Vegas. Taurus, comes back from the first game and becomes the hero in this tale. He was a retired auto vigilante, but he comes back into the game due to the death of his partner, Jade. The plot is still a little vague but there is another conspiracy over dollars and they are going into Mexico, and your job is to direct Taurus into stopping them.



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New Wave soundtrack with tracks by several '80s bands.

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Article from Game Center written by Mark Dultz:
Suffering from road rage, bloated auto insurance rates, or Sunday drivers? Well, pal, it sounds as if you may need to slip on your driving gloves, rev up the six-cylinder minivan, and head on out for the open country, keeping a keen eye out for that treacherous ribbon of highway known as Interstate '82. That's right--Activision's hard-driving auto combat simulation will soon be making an encore appearance, picking up where its award-winning precursor left off...

The first-person game engine has been completely reengineered, designed from the lug nuts on up to support only 3D accelerator cards. According to Activision, a 3D hardware-only engine was decided upon so that the game can simulate real-life physics, including (Activision hopes) more rollicking off-road chases and electrifying collisions. The company also promises to feature true terrain modeling that takes into account slope, traction, and even weather effects during play. In addition, the 3D-only game engine is reputed to showcase many of the special effects developed for Interstate '76, including fog, rain, lightning, and even real-time lighting effects. Activision said the water surfaces will feature mirror-like reflections while columns of smoke will look like, well, roiling columns of thick, black smoke fueled by blazing infernos.

More than 40 different conveyances have been modeled, from rampaging motorcycles to exotic sports cars to four-door sedans and high-flying helicopters, all based upon actual vehicles from the 1980s. Each vehicle can be modified, from the on-board weapons systems to the suspension and power plant. Even special energy-absorbing gear will be mounted on a vehicle to defeat any radar detection equipment within range. Players will be able to drive, ride, carjack, and even run on foot through a wide variety of indoor and outdoor environments, including sewers, caves, and dank subterranean tunnels. Even working drawbridges have been fully simulated!

According to the designers, the all-new, white-knuckle experience will tout, among other things, a pulse-pounding No word yet on which groups will be featured, but sources indicate Activision is going after some big name groups.

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Game Center written by Mark Dultz:

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