Intel Anti-Virus
Preview by Al Giovetti, 11/17/96
Price: $1,495
Genre: anti-virus software
Release: December 1996
Developer: Intel
Publisher: Intel
Phone: 503-264-7500
Requirements: Windows 95 or NT,

Three anti-virus software products will bring Intel into the ring with a several of the old timers. Symantecís Norton Anti-Virus (, F-Prot , Dr. Solomonís Anti-Virus Toolkit, Central Point Anti-Virus, MacAfee Anti-Virus, and others have been shown to be effective against different types of viruses and no anti-viral arsenal provides complete protection without a battery of anti-virus software to check on a variety of different types of viruses.

The new Intel products are LANDesk Virus Protect Version 1.7 for Windows NT, LANDesk Virus Protect Version 4.0 for NetWare and LANDesk Virus Protect for PCs. The product does not only scan, detect, and clean viruses out of the system, but it also provides a virus management system in one place to coordinate all the needed activities. The new versions add real-time scanning to the system which inspects every file that the computer comes across whether it is already on the computer or whether it is being added from data file and executable file download, or installation from floppy, network, internet, modem, or CD-ROM.

The software works with Windows 95, NT and 3.1. The package provides "enhanced" virus protection. The package is primarily designed to work with Novell or NT networks with a centralized control system for the entire network. Each program is processed through three program functions: real-time scanning, virus shield, and file verification.

The shield prevents alteration of executable and boot sector files. The file verification module insures that the server and all system drives are clean of viruses. The 32-bit real time scanning algorithm will prevent virus infected files from being saved to disk or executed on the system.

The downside of this product is a price point that puts it out of the reach of the average computer user. It is just to expensive to consider for purchase. Many will have to stick with MacAfee, Norton, and others to satisfy their anti-virus needs.

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