Independence Day
by Al Giovetti, 10/10/96
Genre: Strategy Arcade
Release: March 1997
Publisher: Fox Interactive

History: They wrote, filmed, and released a blockbuster movie, which Bethesda Softworks was involved with in the consulting end. The movie involved really cool scenes of some of the bigest dogfights seen on the big screen. A sequel and a game were immediate considerations.

Company line: ID4 --The Game. Race to save the world from an armada of aliens set to wipe out civilization, city by city. Make your way through fully-rendered 3-D environments in this flight and fight quest to destroy the aliens' mothership, by planting a virus in its computer system. Build an armed fleet of mankind's greatest fighter jets -- F-18's, Eurofighters, Russian MIGs and more. One by one, blast each of the giant spacecraft poised to obliterate New York, Tokyo, Moscow and other world centers. The onslaught intensifies as cities begin to fry and the fate of the Earth falls into your hands.

Inspired by the feature film opening in theaters July '96, the ID4: Independence Day Game will invade the world this Holiday Season on Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn and Windows 95™ CD-ROM.

Plot: Another assault on planet earth is planned by the alien beings that lost in the movie of last summer. The mothership is in space and the pancake shaped alien ships have positioned themselves once again over the center of Earth’s major cities. You must fight in the air with a variety of flight simulation craft and on the ground. The aliens win if they get the remains of their ship and alien bodies in area 51.

Game play: The game is divided into over a dozen levels. Each level is composed of a city destroyer (CD) which must be destroyed before it destroys the city or base it hovers over. The game player will have a limited amount of time to best the aliens in the air and on the ground and destroy to CD. This does not appear to be a flight simulator.

Graphics: Fully rendered three dimensional

Interface: Perspective is first person from behind your ship which will have radar, speed, score, and missiles.


Sound effects:



Rebecca B. Anderson,