heroes2.gif - 7.1 K
Genre: Strategy
Release: November 1996
Format: Mac and PC CD
Developer: New World Computing
Publisher: New World Computing
Phone: 800-325-8898
Website: www.nwcomputing.com
Requirements: IBM 486/33 or greater and 100% compatibles (486/66 recommended), 8MB RAM, 2X CD-ROM drive, 40 MB hard drive space, DirectDraw compatible SVGA graphics card, Windows 95, (68030 or greater / Power Macintosh (Power Macintosh Native), 8MB RAM, 2X speed CD-ROM drive, 40 MB hard drive space, 13" or larger monitor (minimum 640x480x256) , System 7.x )

In the last installment of Hero’s, Lord Ironfist secured his kingdom of Enroth and settled in for 25 years of peace. The old lord is dead and his two sons, Archibald and Roland, vie for the throne in a regrettable civil war. Game players choose sides in either solo or up to 6 combatant mulitplayer battles. s_x_combat.gif - 15.1 K

Also new for the sons is a fully developed plot with beautifully rendered cinematic cut sequences designed to draw players deeper into the conflict. One of the sons is evil and has seized the crown and discredited his good brother, Roland, with Archibald’s own vicious deeds. Archibald then starts the game with his own heroes and armies based upon his crown. Roland needs to rally the populace by convincing them that he is innocent and his brother the villain in order to raise his own army and heroes.

Skills have been expanded to include espionage, snow, siege, observation, and others provide the game players with many more interesting choices. Two new characters also are added to the types of heroes, the necromancers and wizards, who should dice the mix nicely. New terrain types and interactive terrain further the plot. Buildings can be destroyed and battlefields that will scar the land have been added. s_x_ship.gif - 11.2 K

Scenarios and missions: The game has 40 campaign scenarios, 50 monster types, 60 spells, and 70 different artifacts.



Animation: Making the monsters more lifelike and believable are the new animation frames, up to 24 per monster.

Music score:

Voice actors:

Sound effects:

Multiplayer will work over hot-seat, null- and phone modem, network and internet play. Game play promises to be faster since in muliplayer mode you need not take turns, which should be difficult to implement.

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