hellbender.gif - 33.9 K
Genre: flight combat arcade
Release: fall 1996
Developer: Terminal Reality
Publisher: Microsoft Games
Website: www.microsoft.com/games/hellbender/default.htm
Requirements: Pentium 75 with local SVGA bus video, 256-color display , Microsoft Windows 95, 4X CD-ROM drive to play from a disc, 8 MB of memory (RAM), 40 MB of available hard disk space to play Hellbender from your hard disk, 15 MB of available hard disk space to play from a compact disc, Sound board plus speakers or headphones to hear audio, 14.4 Kbps modem for head-to-head play, DirectX 2.0

Sequel to Fury 3 with 3D acceleration on 3 D cards and other flashy technology. Fly and kill everything. Science fiction storyline. gamepics.gif - 35.9 K

Multiple Worlds

Graphics: Will use Direct 3D to increase the graphics impact.

Multiplayer: capable

Next Generation, volume 2, June, 1996, pg. 54.