HAYES 56 KBPS Modems
Hayes is planning the leap to 56 KBPS modems in 1997.
Preview by Al Giovetti, 09/22/96
Release: September 11, 1996
Manufacturer: Hayes
Phone: 770/441-1617
Web site: http://www.hayes.com
Hayes Online BBS: 770/446-6336
Internet email: support@os.hayes.com

Hayes based in Norcross, Georgia, markets its ACCURA, OPTIMA, Practical Peripherals and CENTURY brands of personal computer modems and remote connectivity system products worldwide. With distributors in more than 45 countries, it is one of the largest manufacturers of modems in the world.

Hayes has announced a faster speed modem is in production that will offer 56 killo-bit per second (kbps) transfer speed over analog telephone lines. The new technology will be incorporated into Hayes modems and server products in 1997. The new standard set by Hayes will essentially double the speed of downloading information from the Internet. Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc. will also move its entire line of OPTIMA and ACCURA desktop modems and CENTURY rack mount modem systems to a 33.6 kbps platform by the end of September this year.

Making the leap to 56 kbps is different from past speed increases because the modem is taking advantage of the high-speed, digital connection to the telephone network that Internet service providers and corporations already have. This makes 56 kbps technology well suited for heavy Internet users, while 33.6 kbps technology with its better two-way transmissions remains the preferred standard for information sharing applications such as full duplex speakerphone, video conferencing and remote collaborative computing.

"Because the Internet is such a huge driver of communications applications, we're moving quickly to provide customers with 56 kbps technology for heavy Internet users who need to download web pages at ultra-fast speeds," said Joseph Formichelli, President and CEO, Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc. "We've also accelerated migration of our modem and server product lines to 33.6 kbps which is a better technology for our customers who do a lot of information sharing. We're currently reviewing how to make these two technologies work together for an even fuller range of technology applications to satisfy our customers."

Hayes will be working closely with Rockwell International, the International Telecommunications Union and other modem manufacturers to ensure that 56 kbps products are compatible with other leading products on the market and that 56 kbps becomes a worldwide standard. Knowing the limitations of bandwidth inherent in normal analog phone lines, we are understandably skeptical of this new standard.

Hayes plans to demonstrate 56 kbps technology at fall trade shows. Plans are being developed to provide Hayes customers an upgrade path to 56 kbps when the technology becomes available. We plan to interview Hayes and to inspect their product for increased transfer times over analog twisted pair phone lines made of copper wire.