Gubble 2 article by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
Producer: Mark Robichek
Publisher: Actual Entertainment, 2727 Walsh Avenue, Suite 206, Santa Clara, CA 95051-0956 USA
Phone: (408) 654-7950 FAX: (408) 654-0399

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Gubble 2



We are pleased to present you with our latest Press Release.

If there is anyone else you believe would like to receive our press releases, kindly let me know.

In addition, if you are involved with an FTP site that would like to feature the Gubble II Alpha version, we would be happy to list your site as one of our Official Download Sites. Please contact me if this is of interest to you.


Mark Robichek President

GUBBLE II Alpha Released

More of the Ultimate Arcade Action Maze Game is on the way!

Santa Clara, California, November 18, 1997--Actual Entertainment, developer and publisher of games that are actually entertaining, announced the release of the early alpha version of GUBBLE II, the long-awaited sequel to GUBBLE.

This fully-playable sneak preview offers people around the world the chance to try out a brand new game while it is still under development, and a special online survey form has been set up on Actual Entertainment's web site ( for people to leave their ideas and comments. Many FTP sites from around the world are now featuring the GUBBLE II alpha.

"The original GUBBLE provided classic arcade style fun for all ages," says Mark Robichek, president of Actual Entertainment. "GUBBLE II promises to offer all that and more. We look forward to reading everyone's comments, both from players of the original GUBBLE and from newcomers to the world of GUBBLE."

About Actual Entertainment Actual Entertainment, Inc. was formed January, 1996 and is based in the heart of Silicon Valley, in Santa Clara, California. More information about Actual Entertainment is located at The original GUBBLE (PC and Mac) is now available at computer retail outlets throughout the United States and Canada. It may also be ordered directly from Actual Entertainment by calling 1-888-ACTUAL-1 (toll-free in the USA) or 1- 408-654-7950. GUBBLE is available internationally through one of Actual Entertainment's many distribution partners.

Contact: Mark Robichek Phone: (408) 654-7950 FAX: (408) 654-0399 E-mail:

Company Line

Game Play

In the original GUBBLE, Gubble D. Gleep, the title character, moves around in his shell- like space pod. In GUBBLE II, he comes out of his shell! He can now walk, jump, duck and fly, and that's just for starters. In GUBBLE II, each zymbot (level) will be much larger, with automatic scrolling. GUBBLE II features new tools, new enemies, and is even entertaining to watch when Gubble D. Gleep is just standing around!




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