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By Al Giovetti
Developer: Psygnosis
Lead Artist:
Producer: Graham Davis
Publisher: Psygnosis
Phone: 1-800-GET-PSYG (1-800-438-7794).
Website: www.psygnosis.com



Company Line

G Police from Psygnosis represents the future of in-flight law enforcement. With unrestricted, "fly-anywhere" freedom, and a dark, urban environment, this all-action flight-shooter lets you patrol the skies of a futuristic cityscape as a member of the ultimate law-enforcement agency, the G Police. The title is expected to release 3Q `97 for the PlayStation game console and 3D accelerated PC CD-ROM computer systems.

As a rookie pilot of the DASA-Kamov Havoc jet helicopter, the player has an awesome armory of combat weaponry at his disposal, and he'll need it, as thirty-five missions test both flight skills and battle instincts to the fullest. Action is set in a bio-domed city on Callisto (a colonized moon of Jupiter). The game's true 3D flight model allows for awesome inner-city, mid-air shoot-outs and more strategic `copter action.

"A futuristic city is the perfect location for a game like this - it lends itself to spectacular, movie-style action, flying between skyscrapers and under bridges, blowing up traffic at street-level, and so on," confesses Graham Davis, producer, Psygnosis Ltd.

"G Police has a very believable flight model, without being inaccessible to the average gamer. But the emphasis is on action, in a well-constructed, densely populated world, with a plot line that's a little more involving than the usual meaningless mission briefings."

That plotline, which unfolds in fully computer-generated FMV sequences and via an interactive, in-game audio feed (radio briefings from HQ which react to your actions), involves multi-national corporate espionage, sabotage and murder. G Police combines this with spectacular lighting effects, a highly-specialized collection of ballistic weaponry and multiple selectable camera views to create a game that's rich with gritty, "urban jungle" ambiance and electrifying, seat-of-your-pants action.

"Our objective was to place the gamer at the center of action as dynamic as any Hollywood blockbuster special effects extravaganza, and give the player total control," explains Davis. "With G Police, we think we've delivered the whole package." * * *

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