Gene Wars

Preview by Al Giovetti
Price: $39-$44
Genre: combination god and war game
Release: December 1996
Developer: Bullfrog
Producer: Peter Molyneaux
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Requirements: game1.gif - 40.8 K

History: Some of the greatest games ever produced have been produced by Peter Molineaux and his Bullfrog crew of now 60 workers during the last nine years. Games to watch included Populous, Populous II, Powermonger, Syndicate, Theme Park, Magic Carpet, and the latest game, Hi-Octane. All of the games Bullfrog has produced have transcended regional and country boundaries to sell in high numbers in Europe, America, and around the globe. So when Bullfrog talks about a new game, you really should listen.

Plot: Thousands of years from now, one of the intergalactic space police forces, called the Ethereals, find the distant corner to our galaxy. The Ethereals are from an advanced, peace loving race and are shocked to find numerous worlds in our galaxy striped and barren by a war. Eventually, the Ethereals find the cause, four races that have been warring for centuries: the direct Earthlings, the subservient Saurians, the casual Bohemians, and the kill-everything-but-us Schnozzoids, or whas that Schizoids with a big snoz?, err nomatter.

The Ethereals are moved to action, they establish a base and kidnap and imprison all four races that they consider criminals. The Ethereals subdue their prisoners with a display of the "infamous Killing Stick (schtik? - Ed.) by Kkka Sidrik, the Etherial High Commander. The stick schtik causes the four races to verbally insist that they have repented their evil ways, and try to con the Ethereals into believing them, which they succeed in doing after a short term of imprisonment. The races are released to perform community service, wash the dishes, and clean up the garbage in four solar systems.

The four races eventually find themselves restoring one of the war scarred planets to their pre-bellicose condition with special Ethereal technology. Like recalcitrant children, the races surreptitiously try to continue the war in subtle ways. While they may not have weapons, they use the equipment they have to devise makeshift engines of destruction, which they hide from the watchful eyes of the Ethereals. game2.gif - 45.6 K

Using the Ethereal biological engineering technology, each race engineers killing beasts that will dispatch their enemies, and the battle begins anew. The race for ever more destructive and deviously unseen beasts becomes the order of the day.

Game play: Gene Wars is a god game and war game rolled into one, like the original Powermonger game. This time the game is humorous and has the capacity for multiplayer.

Graphis: SVGA graphics

Music: an atmospheric sound track will add "yet another dimension to the game."