Flying Saucer article by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Genre: Action
Release: June 1997
Developer: Postlinear Entertainment
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Any River Entertainment

Flying Saucer


Company Line

Game Play

The game uses actual government literature on UFO incidents, including area 51 research head, Glenn Campbell's reports (No he does not sing as a sideline about other kinky people. - Ed.).

The alien UFO that you will be flying and flying against will have extreme excelleration, and the ability to stop on a dime and move up, down, right, and left without any gravity or mass effects. There are unconfirmed rumors that the craft has been designed by the reports given to the Air Force in project Blue Book. I hope the game is as much fun as it seems to be.


You take the role of the protagonist named Boone, who has just found out that his girlfriend, Emily, was abducted by aliens. In this feature the aliens are little grey guys with big heads, hence the name 'greys.' You break into Area 51, no not the arcade game, the real area 51, and you steal a flying saucer and go looking for your girlfriend.

True to form, there is a government conspiracy at the root of all your problems. Aparently, an obscure agency of the federal government, the Advanced Security Agency, the Grey aliens and another race of aliens called the 'Signers.' Not only has the ASA and the aliens killed Emily's brother, who sent you the original message, but they are now trying to destroy the earth. It remains unclear why they wanted Emily and just did not kill her outright, but you know those government agents and aliens are a kinky lot, so you are frantic to get Emily back.



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Glenn Broderick, Computer and Net Player, volume 3, number 12, May, 1997, pg. 38.
The Any River Flying Saucer Web Site

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