Fallen Haven

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Fallen Haven
by Al Giovetti
Review 05/11/97 Preview 01/28/96 Price: $50
Release: March 27, 1997
Genre: strategy
Developer: Les Productions Micomeq
Art: Dominic Mathieu
Music: Marcel Emond
Story and Producer: Brian Tate Programmer: Didier Bertrand
Publisher: Interactive Magic
Phone: 919-461-0722
Web site: http://www.imagicgames.com:80/fhaven.dir/fhaven.html
Requirements: Windows 95, 486DX2/66 Mhz CPU or faster (Pentium recommended), SVGA video card, 2X or faster CD-ROM drive, 8 MB RAM

Company line: Fight your way through multiple scenarios, each spanning fifteen disputed territories. Wrest control of provinces from your enemy or from neutral forces, then develop your territory to gain wealth and power to fuel your war efforts. Build your might until you are ready to take the offensive and strike deep into the the heart of enemy territory -- capture the capital, and victory is yours! fallenh1.jpg - 59.7 K

A paradise lost ... two races at war ... and a world whose fate hangs in the balance

Plot: The planet New Haven was supposed to be a paradise, an idyllic, peaceful new home for colonists from Old Earth. But that was before the wars broke out, before the provinces turned on one another ... and before the aliens arrived ...

Unwittingly, Earth scientists awoke the sleeping giant of the Tauran war machine. The same deep-space probes that first discovered the planet of New Haven also alerted the aliens. Now the Taurans, warlike aliens previously unknown to humankind, have mounted an invasion, descending upon New Haven with one goal: total conquest.

Game play: Take command of defending Human or invading Tauran forces in the struggle for control of new Haven. Build structures, research technologies, and mobilize your forces in preparation for the ultimate war. Then send your troops into battle and match wits with the enemy, up close and personal.

Like Command and Conquer, PowerMonger, and War Craft, you build structures, research technologies and fight battles. The ability to play as the human colonists or the alien invaders gives another level of plability.

Like X-Com, strategic game squad level combat is fought out in turn-based strategy game combat mode.

Modes: Strategic and tactical levels of gameplay

Scenarios: Each scenario has 15 territories to conquer.

Voice actors:

Music: CD-audio soundtrack

Sound effects.

Utilities: Multiple difficulty levels make it easier for the expert and novice to enjoy the game. Can you tell us more about them:

Documentation: Journalist Barry faults the documentation with the inability to access the online information from within the game. The written documentation neglects to give full information concerning the strucutres that you build

Multiplayer: This type of game is ripe for multiplayer options but Interactive Magic is mum on this topic as yet. There are no multi-player options developed so far.

Cheats, Hints, and Walkthroughs:

Journalists: Barry appears to have gotten upset with Fallen Haven about the middle of his article and does not come up to air in his tirade until the review is finished. Barry leaves many questions unanswered about Fallen Haven and leaves the reader with the impression that he did not play the game for very long.

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Conclusions: This game sounds like another in a long line of real time strategy games based upon the WarCraft and Command and Conquer mold. The real test is whether Imagination Magic will come up with some new innovation that will enhance the fun, as in DreamForge and SSI's War Wind, or will the upcoming game become just be an also ran.

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