Eclipse: Shattered Empire article by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Developer: EAI
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Sirtech
Requirements: Windows 95

Eclipse: Shattered Empire


SirTech recently established themselves as a multiplayer action adventure game company with Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games which contained the multiplayer features for the original Jagged Alliance game.

Company Line

Game Play

You play the part of the technophiles or technophobes. You control up to four characters in an overhead oblique or isometric view. Overall the game resembles Jagged Alliance, Origin's Crusader: No Regret, and Bullfrog's Syndicate Wars

You explore the levels of spaceships, caverns, installations, and bases on your quest, all the time killing either multiplayer human or artificial intelligence controlled enemies along the way.


A nanovirus destroys an empire which encompassed the entire earth. Out of the ashes of empire come two factions divided on the importance of technology. One of the factions uses and revears technology. The other faction hates and avoids technology and those who use it.


The graphics most resemble those from Crusader: No Remorse.


Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects


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Multi-player Features

The multiplayer features are rather usual except when it comes to the execution. Like Quake and Doom, Eclipse uses a dedicated server to administer thousands of games at one time. Unlike other multiplayer games such as X-Wing vs Tie Fighter and Outlaws that use on of the players as a server. The performance with a dedicated server is worlds apart from games that designate one of the players as the server.

Up to two can compete over a modem. Up to eight can compete over a LAN or Internet network. A special proprietary technology allows users to download new levels, weapons, and graphics when playing in solo or multiplayer mode.

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Steve Bauman, Computer Games, issue 78, May, 1997, pg.41.

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