By Al Giovetti, 03/18/97
Genre:role playing adventure
Release:Summer 1997
Lead Artist:
Designers: Lori and Cori Cole
Publisher: Sierra Online
Website: www.sierra.com

Quest for Glory 5: Dragonfire


Company Line

Welcome to Silmaria, the city at the center of civilization on this world. The old Patrician is dead, and it's time to choose a new ruler. You are the perfect person for the job. However, you must prove it to everyone else by outsmarting and outfighting the other competitors in the Olympic Games. Then there is the little matter of assassins and monsters running around, trying to stop the competition (and you) permanently. Not to mention the prophecy of a huge dragon that betokens the end of the world. It's a dangerous, deadly, and dirty job. But, then again, what else are heroes for? Searching for Thrills? Quest for Glory is a real-time role playing adventure game with plenty of action-packed situations and combat. You'll battle mythological monsters like Gargoyles and Hydras. You can compete directly against other players who also seek to wear the Laurel Crown of rulership. Whether you swing your sword or cast your magical spell, you can defeat your foes and compete with your friends, to prove to all what it means to be a hero. Searching for Puzzles? How do you get past that collapsed wall to the Hidden Grotto, or find the entrance to the underground city? What magical spells will show you the hidden treasure of Poseidon or get you past Cerberus, guardian of Hades? How do you convince the ghost of a powerful sorceress that you need her help? Hey, you knew this hero job was difficult when you took it. Questing for Adventure? Silmaria is a magical land with all the glory of classical Greece and the beauty of an island resort. There are people who need your help, and those who will help you. You'll meet old friends like the Liontaur Paladin, Rakeesh, and Erasmus, the powerful and eccentric wizard who will assist your heroic actions. You'll have an opportunity for amusing flirtation (and possibly even romance) with the person of your dreams. After all, isn't that part of a hero's life as well?

Game Play

You get to compete in the olypic games, explore an island environment complete with hidden grottos and underground cities, fight with monsters, solve puzzles, discover treasures, travel again with old friends from previous games, and have the romantic fling of your life.

Combat is also in real time.


Taking the role of our erstwhile hero, you enter a land whose leader, called a Patrician, recently died, named Silmara. You are convinced you are the right man or woman, since you can play the game as a musclebound dude or a hot dudette, for the job. Silmara is faced with numerous others who also wish to vie for the title of Patrician so they have set up some Olympic Games to decide the matter. Not only will you have to deal with other contenders for the throne but others in Silmara seem to have marked you for death including monsters who roam the land, and a legendary ancient and immense worm whose appearance may signal the end of the world.

While our hero or heroine is going about the olympic duties, he or she finds the entrance to an underground city. Humor has always been an essential plot element in the game and expect the same type of anti-heroic comedy to return in this installment.


The new game world will be a fully interactive three dimensional world, which is the first time the game has not used cartoon-like two dimensional graphics similar to animated graphic adventure games.


Game characters will also be three dimensional and fully rendered in real time.

Voice Actors

Music Score

Thomas Chance wrote the original classical and popular mix of music pieces for the game. The five pieces available for download include the Quest for Glory V theme, an underwater sequence, gladiatorial traning and others. The music is more like movie music and is very well done. Chance does an amazing job. The introductory piece is at once romantic and heroic while the underwater piece reflects the beutiful underwater art from the light filtering in from the world above to the mystery and danger in the immense unexplored depths.Sierra's Web Site has samples of Thomas Chance's music for different areas of the game in both real audio and uncompressed and unedited format. Chance has his notes on the music and a feedback area.

Sound Effects


The game will have what Sierra calls Self-tuning difficulty and hint levels which as you play will make Quest For Glory a challenge for those good at these games and easy enough for the novice to play.

Multi-player Features

The game will have multiplayer features. Share information with your friends online, compete with them to see who wins faster, and team up to compete with the really deadly monsters.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough



Sierra Quest for Glory 5: Dragon Fire Web Page Cindy Yans, Computer Games, issue 75, February, 1997, pg. 16.

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