dragonl.gif - 9.3 K
by Al Giovetti
Genre: Action/Fantasy
Release: November 96
Developer: Interplay
Publisher: Interplay
Website: www.interplay.com/website/sales/dragond.html

History: TSR Hobbies first released the game, like Magic: The Gathering, as a stand alone non-computer game. People purchased the game in record numbers. The game box contains 18 polyhedral dice that role-playing gamers the world over have at least ten dozen sets of. Fanatical devotion to the game developed over a short period of time and one -million copies of the game have sold world-wide. ddcss01a.jpg - 14.0 K

Interplay and TSR hope to provide an additional outlet for these boxed game players and a generation of computer gamers by providing an internet, null modem, phone modem, and network version of the product so that anyone anywhere will have access to another player at any time of the day or night anywhere in the world. A noble endeavor, which if everything goes as planned, should garner the dynamic duo dungeons deep in dinars.

Gameplay: The network version of the game plans to expand the number of dice in the cyber box to 128. A special "Dragon Lord" die has been commissioned only for the game. Like the card games, the board games, and the role playing games, each die will have special strengths, character traits, magic, and their own unique weaknesses.

Artificial intelligence: ?

Interface: Easy to learn game and interface. ?

Graphics: ? (resolutions, colors, shading, light sourcing, 3D or 2D, rendered, full motion video, etc.)

Voice actors: ? ddcss02a.jpg - 13.0 K

Music score: ? (composer, what else composed, style, utilities)

Sound effects: ? (types, expamples of remarkable ones)

Multiplayer: The games whole premise is multiplayer. With the board game out and up, Interplay and TSR hope to give players access to each other around the world through the magic of the internet, modems, and networks.

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