by Al Giovetti
Genre: action-strategy game
Release: November 96
Developer: 7th Level
Designer: Todd Porter
Publisher: 7th Level
Phone: 800-884-8863
Requirements: dominico1.jpg - 9.4 K

Plot: Players must conquer and colonize the unexplored Phygos System as one of four powerful species: Humans, Scorps, Darkens or Mercenaries. Similar to MissionForce: Cyberstorm, Dominion is a FASA Battlemech style strategy combat game.

Missions: Twenty-five increasingly difficult missions offer hours of formidable game play.

Gameplay: Special technology allows the game players to command larger numbers of individual units without overtaxing the system resources. Teleport pads will allow massive forces to appear anywhere within the opponents territory, adding a new urgency to game play.

Mechlike units should add fun to the play.

Interface: Top-down, third-person, isometric perspective with high-resolution rendered three-dimensional characters.

Graphics: Resolutions of up to 1280x1024 pixels should really stand out on any of the most powerful machines in existence. Three dimensional rendered graphics.

Animation: The hovercrafts will slide along on the surface of the world on a cushion of air, something like the pucks in air hockey. The heavy and smaller mechs will have hydrolic movements consistent with their manufacture. Cinematic cut scenes will follow and preceed certain missions.

Voice actors: ?

Sound effects: ?

Musical score: "Pulse pounding" and energetic sound track. dominico3.jpg - 9.8 K

Editor: "The game's Level Editor allows players to create maps, specify starting conditions and personnel attributes. Players may also define hot-key combinations to control similar units and individually defined attack groups."

Multiplayer: "Numerous gameplay options include: head-to-head, null modem, phone modem and IPX network play for up to eight competitors." It is unknown whether the game will include internet play.

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