By Al Giovetti
Release:4Q 97
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Parsoft
Phone: 972-379-4462, 214-479-0853
Website: www.parsoft.com
Requirements:Macintosh and Windows 95



Parsoft has produced programs such as Hellcats over the Pacific, A-10 Attack! and A-10 Cuba. The games were first brought out for the Macintosh where they sold well and then released for the PC where they paled by comparison to existing titles such as U.S. Navy Fighters, Advanced Tactical Fighters, Top Gun, and even Falcon 3.0.

Company Line

Check out the website. The company line is very brief on this game.

Game Play

The missions contain a hard scripted component and a planner component where you can change various mission components but not entirely. The controls are easy to master.

You will be able to fly 12 to 15 different aircrafts and you will be able to fly on either side of the mission battle



The graphics are filled in solid color polygons devoid of texture mapping and light sourcing. Clouds are solid colored white polygons. The graphics are primitive but they are planned to support many of the higher end software.

Perspective accurate texture mapping, z-buffering will be simulated with a software addition to the program.


Animation is smooth and without slow downs or jerkiness.

Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects


The mission planner allows you to change some, but not all, mission parameters.

Multi-player Features

You can play over the internet, networks, and modems. There is a possibility that a Kali server will be set up for the game. Activision published A-10 Cuba! and set up a Kali server that has been busy and may generate the need to set one up for this game.

An airplane designer and world designer may be included in the game, so that game players can design and exhange designs of airplanes to fly and worlds to fly in to increase playability.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough



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