By Al Giovetti, 08/09/97
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Accolade
Phone: 800-245-7744, 408-985-1700
Website: www.accolade.com

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Deadlock 2


Deadlock was an extremely popular game for Accolade, so good infact that they have decided to do it again. When asked, Jim Barnett, president and CEO of Accolade, Inc. said the following about the new game, "Our customers asked us to deliver a sequel that was even bigger and better. As a result, we created Deadlock 2."

In Deadlock the goal of the game was to conquer the planet of Gallius IV.

Company Line

Game Play

New for the sequel is campaign play with 42 scenarios. Each location will have hidden maps, different goals for different races, two types of victory conditions, and two new modes of alliances and win-by-combat.

Combat with feature nine new combat units, including submarines, surface vessels, and air units. You will be able to build 14 new types of buildings and discover 13 new technologies within a totally redesigned research tree. The artificial intelligence of aliens gives them greater personality and makes them a bit more devious than in the previous game.


After the conflict of Deadlock is settled along with Gallius IV by the victor, many ancient alien shrines are discovered on the planet. Investigation of the shrines reveals they were erected by a race of aliens named the Ancients. The shrines harbor the secret to the Ancients' homeworld. The victors of the first Deadlock, must now move from planet to planet to discover shrines which hold pieces of the puzzle which will ultimately lead them to the planet of the ancients, a valuable and rich home world.



Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects


A full featured map editor increases play value beyond the scenerios and campaigns.

Multi-player Features

Deadlock 2 is playable on LAN, modem, direct connect, and internet.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough



Al Giovetti, Deadlock Review, Computer Show, volume 1, number 8, August, 1996, pg.

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