Preview by Al Giovetti, 10/02/96
Price: $50
Genre: Fighting game
Release: October 1996
Developer: Sierra Online
Publisher: Sierra Online
Phone: 800-757-7707
Requirements: Windows 95, 2X CD ROM drive

Hulking battling robots formed of living maleable steel and electronic force have emerged from the ooze and slime of millenia of garbage and environmental disregard and industrial excess. The monsters develop life and sentience of a type unknown in history. These cybegladiators are divided into the forces for good and the Cyberscum who are part machine and part psychopathic criminal.

In order to save the universe, the good cybergladiators battle the evil cyberscum for something important, but no one knows yet what. But who cares because its tons of metal robots bashing tons of other metal robots in high resolution graphics rendered 3D fighting arenas that are four screen widths wide.

Other ambitious features promised by the design team include KinemAction and the ability to break off body parts and use them as bludgeons to maim and destroy the enemy. KinemAction will allow a game player to stop a combat move that has been initiated, right in the middle of the move, and replace the move with another more effective attack or defense.

A user directed camera can zoom in and out of the action during the fight and give close up detail from any perspective on special moves. Sierra is planning ten characters that will fight in a number of different and unusual high tech backgrounds.

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