Preview by Al Giovetti
Release: Early 1997
Developer: Bullfrog
Producer: Peter Molineaux
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Requirements: scr0004.gif - 18.9 K

History: See the article on the company Bullfrog and you will get the idea. Its Bull frog, so forget the bull and jump for this one. Bullfrog games are worth your attention.

Plot: Decades of wanton destruction make the surface of the earth inhabitable due to pollution and radiation. Many seek the only refuge for life on the planet, the sea. The remaining human survivors attempt to preserve surviving marine life by travelling to a distant water world planet covered with beautiful seas that now support the aquatic life rescued from the dying earth.

The new planet is christened Creation by the new colonists. Life normally evolves through the mutation into new genetic species. One such mutated strain of fungus emerges, is studied, catalogued and forgotten. But it is this strain of fungus, created by the interaction of the new species with their totally alien environment, that now threatens the safety and survival of the transplanted aquatic life forms from earth.

This new fungus develops sentience and decides, as do most newly sentient science fiction story characterizations, that other life needs to bend to its will or die. (This fungus sounds like the 1950ís film, attack of the killer, mutanoid, scum, fungus, who became sentient. - Ed.) Not only did the fungus become sentient, but it also became a highly addictive narcotic, which alters the personality of creatures consumed by its ravages. These infected animals, dolphins, killer whales, sea lions, sea tigers, and sea bears (Oh my. - Ed.) turn psychotic by an uncontrollable urge for another fix. (Right now I am getting a glimmer of another uncontrollable urge - Ed.)

Plot: Your goal, should you decide you want to accept it, either in full or in part, is to stop the deadlly spread of the fiendish, sentient fungoidal mass of flesh. You also should help the addicted sea mammals and get them to a detox center, something like an undersea Betty Ford Clinic. The remaining uninfected dolphins can either help you or hurt you, depending on whether they interpret your attempts at humane detoxification as really a ruse to use unnecessary force on the addicted creatures, especially if you do not Mirandize (read them their rights or lefts as the case may or may not be - Ed.) them before questioning. scr0054.gif - 23.3 K

As if things were not already too confusing for those of you reading this who still are capable of rational thought (I can think of a rational thought - Ed.), the narcotic is extremely valuable to a cartel of underwater drug dealers who intoxicate unsuspecting dolphins for free, but usually require other sentient life to pay. Eventually these drug cartels will move into your area and cause you more trouble.

Graphics: "Creation will feature the most beautiful world ever to be seen on a computer screen," says a Bullfrog company source. Creation has texture mapped and gouraud shaded under water landscapes lit by new light sourcing techniques to add realism.

Fish and realistically move realistically due to extensive study of actual aquatic inhabitants.

You pilot: a mini-sub which has a view screen window out into the sea bound underwater world. The sub is designed to maintain kelp farms and manage fish stocks. Panels and controls surround the one view port and form the basis for many of the subs functions.

Game play: Due to the lack of other human helpers, the game players use dolphins and killer whales to help run Creation.

Views: Many views, including the first person perspective inside the cockpit view and external views are available to the game player to increase situational awareness.

Combat: ?

Sound: ?

Utilities: ?

Multiplayer: ?

References: Alan Dykes, Computer Gaming World, issue 152, March, 1997, pg. 29.