By Al Giovetti
Developer: NovaLogic
Lead Artist:
Publisher: NovaLogic
Requirements:PC CD-ROM, DOS, Windows (tm) 95 compatible, Pentium, PCI or VLB SVGA card, 16Mb minimum, 2X CD-ROM drive, SoundBlaster 16 or AWE32, Multiplayer Requirements For direct link play: null modem serial (2 players) For modem play: Minimum 14.4K bps modem (2 players) For network play: IPXODI and network adapter (up to 8 players) For internet play: IPX to TCP/IP driver (Kali) (number of players based on connection speed)


During 1993, a radically different helicopter combat flight simulator was released by NovaLogic. The missions started quickly with immediate action without the long flights to the mission objective and back to the base. It was all the fun of an arcade game with all the details and complexity of a flight simulator. Another great aspect of this game was the compatibility with thrustmaster pedals, throttle, and joystick which gave you complete control over the helicopter. The first Comanche streatched the limits of the computer gaming hardware of the times, and started the "you gotta pay to play" culture of today's games.

Company Line

This all new version of the best selling helicopter simulation will outfly, outmaneuver and overtake all other helicopter simulations!

Game Play

The Comanche helicopter comes equipped with a 30 mm chain gun, unguided rockets and guided Hellfire missiles.

Two flight models: Classic Comanche or Advanced Control gives you a choice between the easier flying of the more arcade control system and the realistic flight of a helicopter. The flight dynamics in the advanced control model have been improved to be more like the real thing.

The game is comprised of over thirty missions, which are linked together as a campaign. Each mission is linked via a narrative storyline.

You play against Hinds, Hokums, SAM launchers, T-80 tanks and a vast array of new enemy vehicles.

Like the real Russians who may have lacked in numbers of sophisticated equipment, but never lacked average equipment, the previous Comanches increased difficulty by throwing a lot of units at you from a seemingly unending supply. Comanche 3 will rely less on numbers than on skill and pilot artificial intellience.



Powered by NovaLogic's revolutionary new Voxel Space(tm) 2 three dimensional terrain imaging system and when combine with the highly detailed, texture mapped polygon objects integrated with Voxel Space 2 terrains provides striking realism. Translucent smoke, moving cloud patterns in the sky, real-time lighting inside the cockpit and on external objects and terrains add to the experience. The level of graphic detail of previous Comanche games pushed the hardware envelope and this time is no different. The visual details are stunning and more realistic than ever before, especially the new Voxel Space 2 terrains.


A fast Pentium required for maximum performance in high-resolution mode. SVGA with multiple graphic resolution modes make adjusting frame rate easier.

Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects

The sound is in stereo with Dolby Surround Sound which makes explosions, engine hum, infantry distress calls, and helmet chatter sound like it is coming from somewhere behind, above, and below you.


Supports the Thrustmaster FCS and WCS, CH FlightSticks, Microsoft Sidewinder, Wingman Extreme, standard joysticks.

Multi-player Features

Comanche supports two player phone modem and null modem (direct connect), eight player IPXODX LAN, and IPX to TCO/IP internet play via Kali limited only by the connect speed.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough



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