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By Al Giovetti
Developer: Psygnosis
Lead Artist:
Producer: Mike Ellis
Publisher: Psygnosis
Phone: 1-800-GET-PSYG (1-800-438-7794)

Colony Wars


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Today Psygnosis announced the unveiling of the ultimate space epic, Colony Wars, a real-time 3D combat game exclusively for the PlayStation game console. Colony Wars combines arcade action with an intricate mission system in a galactic adventure spanning five solar systems. The title is expected to release 4Q '97.

"Colony Wars delivers what a space shooter should be all about - fast, real-time, 3D action with intelligent, true 3D enemies and amazing weaponry. Our aim is to put you in a space battle environment like no other," said Mike Ellis, Colony Wars designer.

In Colony Wars you play a rookie pilot in the League of Free Nations caught in the middle of a vicious war to free the Colony Worlds. The Psygnosis Liverpool studio is creating a non-linear environment with an intricate 60 mission structure. Missions fall into 18 acts, each act preceded by a dramatic, fully rendered 3D sequence telling the story of the Colony Wars; a bitter struggle for control over a series of colony worlds - home to some, essential to the survival of others.

A vast range of possibilities are available on each mission, depending on the path you take and the seniority you build, and the game features eight very distinct endings.

Missions take place across five solar systems featuring planet warp-tunnel guard stations, asteroids, communication stations, nebulas and asteroids. A constantly updated, interactive in- game database of the planets shows a map of all five solar systems with description of each of the planets and suns -- essential for strategic planning of one's long term game objectives, as is the database of friendly and enemy ships.

The viewpoint and combat is first-person from your craft's cockpit with the addition of side and rear screens enabling you to see around the craft. Colony Wars offers the choice of six different craft to fly including scout, standard fighter, stealth, bomber, interceptor and heavy assault vehicles. Each is designed for a specific type of mission and thus has the weapons, shields and speed to match. You'll encounter 56 types of ally and enemy ships, all with advanced intelligence to react according to battle situations. * * *

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