CivilWar.gif - 44.9 K
by Alfred Giovetti
Price: $54.95
Genre: Strategy Game
Release: June 1996
Producer: Jeff Fiske
Publisher: Sierra Online
Phone: 800-757-7707
Requirements: Windows 95, DOS, Mac

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to recreate famous battles and see what effect the decisions of the commanders had on the outcome of the battle and even the war. With Robert E. Lee you have the opportunity to re-fight seven key battles of the civil war either individually or part of a campaign of battles from 1st Manassas to the Wildreness battle.

The game perspective is top down, with hexes as the unit of measure relating to a scale of 200 years per hex. High-resolutionOver 140 quarter screen videos and artwork from the period are used to illustrate the the action. civil2_thumb.gif - 12.5 K

In addition to the strategy game, A Multimedia History of the Civil War ws added to give the game player perspective on the bloodiest conflict in America's history. Over 80 photos, numerous animations, and text are enhanced with an original score, recorded dialogue, and sound effects.

The game plays over null and phone modem and network for head-to-head play. And while the enemy artificial intelligence is good, many prefer to play against human generals.
Strategy references:
InterAction, Summer, 1996, pg. 34-36.