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By Al Giovetti
Genre: adventure
Developer: Cortina Entertainment
Lead Artist:
Producer: Aaron Conners



In late 1996, Cyberdreams brought out a new game called Noir. Noir was just in time for Christmas and shipped in the reviewer edition with a small cap gun, a bottle of Johnny Walker Black, A Noir shotglass, some candy cigarettes, and a wad of colored and crinkled confetti all packaged in a Noir imprinted cardboard hat box of substance.

The game Noir was filmed and drawn totally in black and white to capture the mystique of the 1930's. An era of Raymond Chandler, hard booze, broads, guns, racketters, and gumshoes. Film Noir includes just the kind of movies in which Bogie acted. A comparable title is Raymond Chandler Private Eye.

Company Line

Game Play

The settings include San Francisco, Alcatraz Island, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Many of the prewar icons will be seen againk, this time in three dimensions.


You take the part of Humphrey Bogart, exploring the locales and piecing together the clues to solve another Raymond Chandler-like movie plot.


Through the auspices of the CMG Worldwide and Bogart, Inc. licenses, the likeness of Bogart from his films will be reconstructed in three dimensions to create this game.


The game is set in a three dimensional environment produced by filming on location, just like the Access Golf courses are filmed. Three dimensional characters walk as sprites on the three dimensional sets. This will be not your typical full motion video game, since the video is used to design the sets. Editing techniques and camera angles from Bogart's films will be provided by directors who worked with Bogart on his films.

Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects


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Multi-player Features

The game will support a 1930's style online nightclub at the Cortina Web Site (a web site not yet available but promissed as early as August of 1996 - Ed). The site will provide additional Bogart activities to pursue.

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