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By Al Giovetti
Genre: action adventure
Release: PC release expected this summer.
Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Activision
Phone: 310-473-9200
Requirements:Available on Sony Playstation, or Windows 95 PC


This title was released first to the Sony Playstation with good sales success, helping to Cement Crystal Dynamics' position in the marketplace. Along with the introduction of a new Gex 3D, Crystal Dynamics is releasing Pandemonium, and Akuji the Heartless. All three of the new titles look great. Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain is a proven product that the company is moving to the PC. The title is expected to look good and play good on the PC, but when I visited with Crystal Dynamics recently, they were not showing the title in any condition. We will have to wait to make any further conclusions

Company Line

Company line: Search your way through Kain's lair - find out more about the game and the legions of Nosgoth. Don't forget to sign up for the Blood Campaign: you could win one of the 350 limited edition Blood Omen t-shirts. Only available online by entering the blood campaign. Join Kain on his epic quest for salvation - Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain is available in stores everywhere NOW! Your Sony Playstation(tm) game console will never be the same!

An ambitious young noble who was resurrected from the dead by the Necromancer Mortanius, Kain is forced into a quest that leads him on a tortuous journey of self-discovery as his curse of vampirism takes hold on his soul. A proud, arrogant, long-lived vampire, Vorador has lived since ancient times. After his family was slaughtered by the Sarafan during the great vampire purges, Vorador fled into hiding and was lost to the world of Nosgoth.

Mortanius is an ancient sorcerer, skilled in the arts of death magic. His powers have accumulated over the centuries, and he now stands as the most powerful wizard in all of Nosgoth, serving as one of the Circle of Nine (the Protectors of Hope). Malek, fanatical warrior-priest of the Sarafan, is the defender and paladin of the Circle of Nine, and has vowed allegiance to their protection. Purged of his humanity by the circle's sorcery, Malek is now focused on extracting revenge upon the vampire that caused him to be damned for eternity.

Kain is an epic, gothic tale of blood-sucking combat and strategy as one man struggles to overcome fate and regain his soul! Morph into a wolf, bat, vampire or mist to conquer differet enemies, terrains, and situations. Over 2 1/2 years in the making, Blood Omen features 114 different enemies, 5 weapon/armor power ups, over 160,000 individual screens, and more than 100 hours of enthralling gameplay! Kain features astounding production quality with a gory, engaging storyline with over 25 minutes of full-motion 3D animation and Hollywood voice-overs.

Voted #1 game at E3 1995 and #7 in 1996 by Diehard Gamefan magazine! Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain Indulge your darkest fantasies.

Game Play

The game boasts 100 hours of game play in overhead 45 degree perspective.

The world of Kain is filled with murder, magic, and mayhem. There is plenty of killing and plenty of magic to keep you occupied. In true console action adventure fashion, Kain uses powerups in addition to the blood of his victems to stay alive and powerful. The powerups include the Heart of Darkness which restores health, the Flay, which rips flesh off the target, and the Putresce, which turns enemies into slime.

The 13 lucky spells to wield and hoard, include Inspire Hate which causes enemies to attack each other, and Implode which causes enemies to blow up.

Kain must explore temples, caves, and villiages to defeat the evil and find his rest.


You play Kain, a vampire, on a quest in a gothic universe. While Kain, a man of Noble blood and disposition, was traveling in Nosgoth, he was ambushed by brigands, who leave him dead. A necromancer resurects Kain as a vampire.

Kain must feed on the blood of living humans, which poses a moral dilemma. Will Kain become evil or will he remain noble, and avoid drinking the blood of innocents. Luckily, Kain is on a quest and he can drain the blood of the evil, and spare the innocents in his local town, while pursuing his "grail."

Should you not decide to pursue the good path and turn to evil, you will find the consequences of your evil actions following you around. Not to be undone, Crystal Dynamics rewards and punishes Kain appropriatelyfor his actions. But ultimately the choice is yours.



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EGM 8/96
GameFan 2/96
Game Informer 9/96

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