Ares Rising article by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Genre: real-time strategy
Release: 4Q 1997
Developer: IDM Productions
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Cyberdreams
Requirements: Windows 95

Ares Rising


Privateer was released in in 1993, and by all accounts the game was one of the best ever produced. It had good space combat, a solid scripted plot, randomized missions that worked no matter where you went, and a large galaxy to explore. Now the original Privateer team is back with a new game. I cannot wait.

Company Line

ARES RISING is a new space combat simulation created by IDM Productions, a talented development team that boasts the lead designer, lead programmer and writer from the award-winning PRIVATEER team.

ARES RISING combines the action of space combat with strategic planning, resource allocation and a compelling plot married with state-of-the-art technology and stunning graphics. The end result is an experience so rich with action and play options, it promises to have even the most experienced silicon space commander gripping their joysticks.

Imagine a galaxy so over-populated that livable planets and necessary resources have become scarce commodities and the impetus for war. The recent discovery of an ancient alien device, an asteroid-sized mechanism known only as the Micomicon Device has raised tensions to a fervor; its shrouded secrets spawning rumors of immeasurable power. Everyone wants to control the device, though no one is certain of its true purpose. Set against this backdrop is the player, a small-time mercenary who could sway the fate of the universe forever.

Game Play


The team is the same team that brought you Privateer. You play as a mercenary where you fight for resources, including weapons, shields, and armor. Complicating the plot is the discovery of an ancient alien device, called the Micomicon Device, on a nearby asteroid., which everyone is trying to get. ARES RISING features an intricately branching storyline that is altered by the player's decisions, successes and failures. As the player progresses through missions, gaining wealth and resources, more sophisticated weapons and ships become available, as well as galaxy guides and wingmen for hire.


Real-time 3-D rendered, fully textured space flight missions are strung together with pre-rendered 3-D animated game flow sequences that allow the player to move about the base, converse with allies and negotiate assignments. All visuals are rendered in 640x480 SVGA graphics.


Animation: Real-time three dimensional rendered space flight missions and pre-rendered animated cut scenes.

Voice Actors

Voice actors: fully digitized 16-bit speech,

Music Score

Music score: Dynamic music score changes in accord with the players actions.

Sound Effects

Sound effects: digitized sound effects


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Multi-player Features

Multi-player: Head-to-head competition or cooperative play for up to eight players with either human or computer controlled opponents. One of the most exciting aspects of ARES RISING is the plethora of multi-player and on-line options built into the game. This title supports full network play, enabling gamers to chose head-to-head competition for up to eight players, team contests and against computer-controlled missions either cooperatively or as rivals. Players may engage in a number of team scenarios over the network, taking advantage of additional support for on-line games via the Internet.

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