Arc of Time
Preview by Al Giovetti, 09/29/96
Genre: animated graphic adventure
Release: Autumn 1996
Developer: Trecision
Publisher: ICE

Plot: Ark Of Time is an adventure based on the mysteries surrounding the ancient civilizations and the exceptional creations and buildings for which we can offer no real explanation. Considering the fact that our historical memory covers but a few millennia, while life on our planet is millions of years old, we ask ourselves is it not possible that other civilizations preceded ours, reaching levels of technology unknown to us, disappearing afterwards because of extraordinary events, such as gigantic meteorite showers, the uncontrollable evolution of deadly viruses, or long calamitous wars?

Starting from those premises, and from what archaeologists have managed to bring to light, we present the player with a fascinating and mysterious theory which, while showing spectacular sights and places deeply tied to our ancient past, offers an extraordinary vision of our planet. The adventure will take the player to some of the most mysterious places on Earth which include: Stonehenge, Ahaggar, Medieval church, Easter Island, and finally to discover the origins of Atlantis! References: