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Monolith Productions announces plans to develop Alternate Reality Online, the ultimate role-playing fantasy game for the Internet

Kirkland, WA--February 19, 1997--Monolith Productions, Inc., a cutting-edge game development and media services company in Kirkland, Washington, has announced plans to develop Alternate Reality Online, a role-playing fantasy game that promises to set the new standard for online gaming. Alternate Reality Online brings the world of the classic 1980’s Alternate Reality role-playing games The City and The Dungeon to the Internet. Both were regarded as the most innovative role-playing games of their time and continue to enjoy an active and loyal following on the Net.

Alternate Reality Online will build on the inventiveness of the original games with unprecedented interactivity, allowing players to develop a detailed online alter ego in a richly-conceived three dimensional world. "The game will live up to its name," says Alternate Reality’s original creator, Philip Price, who, along with co-creator Gary Gilbertson, has joined Monolith to bring Alternate Reality Online to the Internet community. "When you log on, you’ll be stepping into another universe."

With characters they create themselves, players may explore cities and dungeons, battle computer-controlled monsters and other players, or even hold a day job at a local tavern. "We don’t want to limit players," Gilbertson says. "Not everybody is interested in fighting. Lots of people just want a place to meet and hang out. In that respect, Alternate Reality Online will accommodate everybody."

Monolith CEO Jason Hall insists that no aspect of the game will be compromised. "We’re committed to superior quality, gameplay, and technology. Phil and Gary have free reign to develop Alternate Reality Online as they see fit, and we’ll be able to support them with the most talented personnel and best technical resources in the industry."

Alternate Reality Online will be available in mid-1998. Additional information about the game will be available soon on Monolith Productions’ website at

Monolith Productions, Inc., a game development and media services company located in Kirkland, Washington, was formed in 1994 with the goal of creating rich content and bringing high-quality production values into retail entertainment products. Before joining Monolith Productions, many of Monolith’s current employees were major players for successful and well-known software companies such as Broderbund, Edmark, Sierra, Expert, Swfte, SSI, 3DRealms, Squaresoft, QStudios and NCSA. Current games in development include Blood, a first person 3D action/horror game to be published this spring by GT Interactive; Claw, a high-res Win95 networking platform adventure game also due for a spring release; and a ground-breaking true 3D first person action game code-named MetalTek to be published by Microsoft Corporation. Additionally, Monolith will soon open Monolith Services, a complete production facility offering full scale services for media companies, including 3D rendering, motion capture and scanning, sound and video production, and software tools development.

Blood and Claw are trademarks of Monolith Productions, Inc. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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