All Star Baseball 97
by Al Giovetti, 02/13/97
Genre: sports simulation
Media: Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn available in April 1997.
Release: January 30, 1997
Developer: Iguana Entertainment
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment

Company line: "Last year's game felt like the real deal," commented Frank Thomas, Chicago White Sox star first baseman. "Adding the Major League license and the smooth play-by-play of Jon Miller, the voice of ESPN Sunday Night Baseball and the San Francisco Giants-All-Star Baseball '97. makes All-Star Baseball '97 the king of baseball video games."

Created by Acclaim's development studio, Iguana Entertainment, makers of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, All-Star Baseball '97 Featuring Frank Thomas offers some of the most realistic gameplay available. Players can trade more than 700 Major Leaguers - whose player ratings reflect their real-life skills and attributes - to create their own dream teams and compete in six modes of play including exhibition, regular season, playoffs, All-Star game, batting practice and Home Run Derby.

"All-Star Baseball '97 represents Acclaim's continued commitment to and focus on producing high-quality sports games," said Bob Picunko, director of sports marketing of Acclaim Interactive. "With both official baseball licenses, along with the well-known voice of Jon Miller and the endorsement of MVP Frank Thomas, the game takes on a level of realism that transports players from their television sets to the ballparks."

Modes: Six modes of play include exhibition, regular season, playoffs, batting practice, All-Star and Home Run Derby. You can track stats for the entire league in season play mode. Interleague play is also supported.



Game play: You can trade players during the season.

Licenses: Officially licensed by both Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association. The official logo of the 1997 Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Cleveland is also used in the game. MLBPA license includes use of player names, likenesses and statistics. MLB license includes use of team names, logos and authentic 3-D rendered stadiums.

Statistics: All-Star Baseball '97 also features statistics tracking in 27 categories, compiled by STATS INC.

Graphics: Graphics include color photos of over 700 major league players.

Animation: Using its motion capture and Ultimatte technology, Acclaim captured Frank Thomas' every move.

Voice actors: All Star Baseball '97 features Frank Thomas. In addition to the White Sox superstar, the game includes play by play from Jon Miller, , the voice of ESPN Sunday Night Baseball and the San Francisco Giants. Exclusive play-by-play commentary by award-winning announcer Jon Miller.

Music score:

Sound effects: CD-quality sound effects that include umpire calls, the roar and cheering of the crowd, vendors' chants and, of course, the crack of the bat.




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