Age of Sail
Preview by Al Giovetti
Price: $50
Genre: war game
Release: Fall 1996
Developer: Talon Soft
Producer: Jim Rose
Publisher: TalonSoft, PO Box 632., Forest Hill, MD 21050-0632
Phone: 410-933-9191
requirements: 486 DX 33 MHz, Windows 3.1, 2X CD ROM drive, 8 MB RAM, 5 MB hard disk space (100 MB for the custom game version).

History: Perhaps this should be called Battleseas 1: Age of Sail, because it uses the same engine that TalonSoft has used so successfully, to now portray sea battles.

TalonSoft's upcoming release, Age of Sail, will blend the era of Tall Ships and Erol Flynn with TalonSoft's award winning ability to bring history to life! Our new "Real-Time" combat engine provides the backdrop for exciting naval engagements on the high seas against the computer or head-to-head against your best friend! Covering the period from 1775 to 1820, Age of Sail delivers historical accuracy and loads of fun that have become the hallmark of a TalonSoft game.

Take command of the greatest sailing ships in history! Ships include the Victory, Constitution, Constellation, which still sits in Baltimore Harbor open for tours, Guerriere (No not the cheese - Ed.), Bonhomme Richard, Espanol, Vengeance, and the Saratoga.

Modes: Play a complete campaign game from 1775 to 1820. The campaign will cover the carreer of a lowly Cadet and his rise to Admiral of the Navy. Enlist in the navies of Britain, Spain, France, or the United States.

Complete Scenario Editor lets you create instant naval combat to your specifications will be brought back to the Battleground series.




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Multi-player: Age of Sail will portray head-to-head battles of America's Constitution vs. England's Guerriere or the huge Battle of Trafalgar between England and Spain.

Scott Udell, Computer Games Strategy Plus, issue 71, October, 1996, pg. 14