Aeon Flux
Preview by Al Giovetti, 10/14/96
Genre: Fighting Game
Release: Coming Spring 1997
Developer: Cryo
Publisher: Viacom New Media

History: First this game and the Bevis and Butthead games were introduced by Viacom New Media, now GT Interactive is getting into the act concerning the new releases.

Company line: Introducing MTV's one and only leather-clad heroine... Become MTV's Ĉon Flux in 6 action-packed missions in a high-stakes world where the fight for survival will startle you at every turn. Solve intricate puzzles to stop Trevor Goodchild's dangerous schemes. Not only will you have to defeat numerous enemies, you will have to clone yourself, outwit the blue "zombies" and master a mysterious time manipulation technology to capture the elusive Demiurge.

Aeon Flux, the secret agent extraordinaire, was introduced to MTV viewers during the segment's two-season run on LIQUID TELEVISION. The series is stylized in hard-edge animation by Colossal Pictures' Peter Chung. Featured are the adventures of the unpredictable Aeon and her arch rival/soul mate Trevor. Each episode of the series stands on its own as an independent story. Characters may take on sympathetic roles in one plot, yet reappear in the following episode as antagonists.

Game play: Fast action shooting combined with puzzle solving create a true action adventure game. Survival depends on being aware of the environment as well as the enemies. Stealth, strategy and a steady trigger finger are required for victory. Third person point of view accentuates the real-time motion captured 3-D characters.

Graphics: Will resemble the radically different and quality art seen in the television show.



Sound effects:




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